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14" V-Tech Metal Cutting Blade

The "Life-Saver" Rescue/Demolition Blades.
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This 14" blade is called the Life-Saver, This is the 1st blade in the Diamond industry to succesfully cut metal. This blade cuts Steel,Rebar,Ductile Iron & Angle Iron, cuts concrete & brick,pvc piping,roof decking & wood!!!, It is the best Ductile / Demo diamond blade on the market as even municipalities are starting to use these in their fire/rescue operations.

Cuts twice as fast as abrasives and lasts up to 70 times longer, so instead of paying 250-350 for 70 abrasive wheels and having to lug around over 100 lbs in abrasives you can simply get 1 of these and be set.

Specs - 14 X .125 X 5MM X 1"/20MM Arbor, Rated up to 13HP


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